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Donor & surrogacy solutions

Using a sperm donor, egg donor, or surrogate are common solutions that couples or individuals can turn to when growing their family. Together, we’ll find the best way forward to support you in your family-building goals.

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Sperm donation

You may consider sperm donation if you have male infertility issues, or are undergoing cancer treatments, have a history of genetic diseases, or if you’re in a same-sex couple. Sperm is collected from a donor via a sperm bank and distributed by an authorized distributor. Donors undergo rigorous testing.

At Grace Fertility, we work with two sperm banks authorized by Health Canada: Origin Sperm Bank (formely ReproMed) and Xytex Canada.

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Egg donation

If you have infertility issues caused by poor ovarian reserve, removal of ovaries, early menopause, or serious genetic disease, you may want to consider egg donation. This involves using a donor’s eggs, which are fertilized and transferred to you. There are two options: one, where you may know the donor, or two, an anonymous donor. Known donors must meet Health Canada's guidelines and screen for medical and psychological conditions.


If you are unable to carry your own child, you may want to consider getting a surrogate or gestational carrier. Another female carries the baby without using her own eggs, meaning she is not biologically related. The potential gestational carrier undergoes screening to ensure readiness and legal procedure begins for protection of both parties. For more information about the laws of surrogacy in Canada, visit the website of the Government of Canada, such as Assisted Human Reproduction Act of 2004 and Prohibitions related to Surrogacy.

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LGBTQ2SIA+ family building

We’re proud to support everyone’s dream of building a family through a thoughtful and inclusive approach to fertility care.

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