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Insurance & financing

Everyone who wants a family should have the chance to try. So, we’ve put together this resource to help you navigate possible insurance coverage, tax credits, and financial support that may be available to you.

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Helping you understand your needs

Because every fertility journey is different, it takes a proper assessment to get a better idea of the potential costs incurred. A number of treatments come at no charge with a referral and when using your B.C. Care Card. Please consult our pricelist to see which ones and to get an idea of the costs associated with each analysis or treatment.

Rest assured that at Grace Fertility we typically start with a standard patient health assessment and propose simpler fertility treatments before delving into more complex treatment options. This way, we can ensure you get the care you need, without undue stress or burden.

Insurance coverage

If fertility drugs are recommended to you as a course of treatment, we encourage you to get in touch with your insurance company to understand the extent of your coverage. This includes finding out which fertility drugs your policy might cover, as well as the percentage of the costs covered by your insurer.

We’ll provide you with the drug information numbers (DINs) for all fertility drugs recommended to you by our fertility team, so you can find out which ones are covered by your policy.

Medical expense tax deduction

Most fertility medications and treatments, including IVF, can be claimed as medical expenses on your income tax return. Excluded are fees associated with donors and surrogates.

Fertility financing

If your insurance doesn’t cover fertility care or if you don’t have insurance, financing can help spread the costs of fertility tests, medication, and treatments over a more easy-to-manage payment plan. Interest rates for these financing options are typically lower than most credit card rates.


Medicard provides simple, quick, and flexible financing options that you can pay back in monthly installments.

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Trusted Advisor

If you’re a business owner, Trusted Advisor’s Private Health Services Plan lets you deduct 100% of your fertility treatment expenses.

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