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How to prepare for your first visit

Getting ready for your initial consultation? Here’s what you need to know and prepare, and what you can expect.

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What to prepare before your first visit

1. Check the welcome email you received from the Grace Fertility team to get your Patient Portal access credentials

2. Log onto the Patient Portal

3. Follow the steps and instructions provided once logged in, and print and complete the forms as requested

4. Ask your physician to forward the results of any fertility tests you’ve done to the Grace Fertility clinic

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What to expect

Your first consultation

You’ll meet with a Grace Fertility specialist who’ll go over your medical history and any past fertility test and treatments that your referring physician has forwarded. From there, they’ll identify which additional fertility assessments might be necessary to give our experts a better picture of your fertility health.

Your second visit

Once the results of your fertility tests are in, you’ll meet with a nurse to discuss the recommended next steps, whether additional assessments are required or a course of treatment is advised.

Guiding you throughout the entire journey

Once a treatment plan has been recommended, a member of our nursing team will provide more information about the process and answer any health or financial concerns you might have. Together, you’ll set a date for the beginning of your fertility treatment.

Rest assured that throughout your fertility journey, our team of doctors, nurses, andrology and embryology specialists, and administrators will be there to support you.

Counselling & support

Every fertility journey comes with its unique set of challenges that every person experiences differently. Beyond the fertility wellness services offered through Grace Fertility are a wealth of resources and partner organizations that might be helpful to you. If you feel you need support whether personal or professional, we warmly encourage you to reach out.

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