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New Innovative Services Offered by Grace Fertility

Introducing two new innovative enhancements - EMBRACE and Matcher.

September 15, 2023

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For those patients embarking on IVF treatment, we now offer a new preimplantation genetic screening method, EMBRACE (Embryo Analysis of Culture Environment). EMBRACE helps prioritize the healthiest embryos to maximize success in IVF treatment through a non-invasive test.

How does it work?

Embryos obtained from IVF treatment develop in a drop of liquid, called culture medium. During their development, these embryos naturally release DNA into the culture medium. Without disturbing the embryo itself, Grace Fertility embryologists collect this DNA from the culture medium and send it for testing. The result from the DNA testing indicates which embryos are more likely to be chromosomally normal, and therefore optimal for transfer, maximizing your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

How does it benefit you?

EMBRACE is a non-invasive test that favors a safer and more effective IVF treatment while avoiding the need for embryo biopsies. This test can provide you with peace-of-mind by knowing more about your embryos and helping you make an informed decision.


We are pleased to share the Grace Fertility embryology lab now uses Matcher, a barcode-based electronic witnessing system designed specifically for IVF clinics to help prevent errors related to identification of patients and their gametes and embryos. Matcher ensures complete electronic traceability through IVF treatment from the time of a patient's egg retrieval to embryo transfer.

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